Event regulations

  • The meet is organized by the City of Edinburgh Swimming International Trust (the Trust) and licensed by Scottish Swimming and World Para Swimming.
  • No guarantee can be given by the Trust that the event will take place at a particular time or any particular date and the organisers reserve the right to reschedule the event without notice and without any liability for so doing.
  • In the event of postponement, cancellation or abandonment of the event, refunds if any, will be made at the absolute discretion of the Trust. The Trust will have no legal liability to make a refund or to pay any form of consequential or indirect damage such as loss of enjoyment, travel and accommodation costs.
  • No articles, periodicals, publications, flyers, or goods of any nature may be offered either free or for sale by any persons save only the Trust, without written permission of the Trust.

Covid-19 and other emergencies

  • The event will be operated in line with the Scottish Government, Public Health Scotland, and Scottish Swimming guidance, current at the date of the event.
  • Protocols, which are subject to change, will be issued to athletes and others which must be complied with.
  • Failure to comply may result in exclusion from the Event, with no refund.
  • Athletes travelling from outside the United Kingdom must comply with any Scottish Government requirements on entering the country.

Swimmers and coaches

  • Entries will only be accepted from competitors registered as members of countries affiliated to FINA and whose athletes have the permission of the relevant Governing Body to attend.
  • A competitor must be a registered member, or equivalent, of the club in whose name they are entered, at the date of entry.
  • Only accredited personnel are entitled to be in the changing village or on the pool deck.
  • Swimmers should comply with the health and safety instructions in place for the meet. Swimmers may not use the gallery stairways or top corridor when wearing wet swimsuits or without appropriate footwear.
  • Swimmers should use the facilities provided in the changing village. They should not change in the seating area or toilets.
  • All swimmers are responsible for the care of their belongings in the pool area. There are lockers in the changing area which should be used. Large bags and clothes should not be brought into the seating.
  • Anti-doping test facilities may be available on site. Coaches/swimmers whose National Federations require testing for times set at the Edinburgh International Swim Meet are asked to inform the meet organiser at the time of entry.   Random anti-doping tests may also be made, in line with British and Scottish Swimming anti-doping rules


  • Those at the event must at all times comply with the instructions given by any steward or officer of the Trust and / or the facility management.
  • The stewards and officers of the Trust and the facility management have discretion to ask any person with or without a valid ticket to leave the venue.
  • No tickets may be offered for resale within events. Any such tickets offered for sale may be confiscated by any steward or officer of the Trust.
  • Spectators may not throw objects within the venue, nor use foul or abusive language or other offensive words such as racial or sexual abuse within the venue. Alcohol may not be consumed within the venue.
  • The following articles must not be brought within the venue – fireworks, glass, smoke canisters, air horn, flares, weapons of any sort. Any person with such an item will be refused entry as instructed by a steward or officer of the Trust or the facility management.
  • The facility management request that the following procedures are adhered to :
    • All spectators will vacate the spectator area in between sessions
    • No standing on the balcony during the event or obstructing stairways and passageways
    • No large bags or clothing on seats in the spectator area.


  • Throughout the Meet, there may be a number of authorised media partners taking static photographs and video footage. These images are intended solely for the purposes of promotion and celebration of the activities and may include live streaming on the internet. Images may be made available to our media partners and uploaded to our website and our social network sites.
  • Should any competitor wish not to be photographed please request a form. If at any time a competitor wishes a static image to be removed from our website, 7 days’ notice must be given by emailing edinburghism@gmail.com after which the data will be removed.
  • By attending the event either as a participant, volunteer, team staff or spectator, you accept that any photographs / videos taken will not be used for illicit purposes or that pictures / films produced will not be altered in any way or uploaded onto the web without the consent in writing of the person(s) photographed / filmed.
  • The use of mobile phones or other electronic devices capable of photography are not permitted to be used at any time in the changing village, toilets or shower areas.
  • Spectators who wish to take images are requested to focus on their own family member as much as reasonably possible and to avoid including other participants in images, particularly if those images are being shared with family and friends or through social media platforms.
  • The use of professional camera equipment and flash photography is prohibited at the Event. Only accredited media can use this type of equipment. Media wishing to gain accreditation must put the request by email to edinburghism@gmail.com prior to the start of the competition.


The Trust reserves absolutely the right to eject from events any person or persons failing to comply with any of these event regulations within a reasonable time.

Anything not covered above will be at the Trust’s discretion.

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