Coaches and team staff


Start sheets and call room report times

Start sheets and call room report times are available here.

Start sheets for Heats will be published in the evening of the previous day.

Start sheets for Finals will be published as soon as possible after completion of the afternoon Heats.



Draft programme – 2024

The draft programme is available here.

The estimated finish times for each session will be as follows:
Friday 8 March
Session 1 11:15
Session 2 14:35
Session 3 19:30
Saturday 9 March
Session 4 11:15
Session 5 14:50
Session 6 19:40
Sunday 10 March
Session 7 11:15
Session 8 15:10
Session 9 19:00
A detailed timeline will be included in the Team information, which will be issued is due course.
Any withdrawals (including reserves) prior to the first day of the Meet should be notified using the online form here.


Programme of events – 2024

The programme of events is available here.


Meet Information – 2024

The Meet information is available here.


Qualification and consideration times – 2024

Qualification and consideration times are available here.

Para swimming consideration times are available here.


Pool layout

Download the pool layout here


Skins rules

Skins rules are available here.


Event regulations

Event regulations available here



Athletes and Team Staff will only be permitted poolside if they can show official accreditation.

Athletes’ accreditation passes will be available for athletes participating in the meet to collect in the venue from 15:00 on Thursday 7th March 2024.

Team staff with a Scottish Swimming 2024 annual pass can use this as accreditation for the EISM. If you do not hold a Scottish Swimming 2024 annual pass you can request accreditation here.  Applications must submit a recent photograph (jpeg format) to This can be done once the request has been submitted. Photographs should follow the same rules as passport photographs.

Accreditation will not be issued to any Team Staff unless a person has a valid Disclosure Certificate/PVG/CRB through Scottish Swimming/Swim England/Swim Wales. In-line with current legislation, valid Disclosure Certificates/PVG/CRB from any other agency, will not be accepted.

Team staff applying for accreditation from outside the UK should make arrangements for their National Governing Body to forward a letter of declaration to confirming that all applicants have conformed with their home country’s policy concerning child protection. Passes will not be issued without such a letter.

Once approved, team staff will be emailed their accreditation for printing. A plastic wallet and lanyard will be provided at the event.

Closing date for applications – Wednesday 28th February 2024





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