Consideration times, entries and coach information

Consideration Times and Entry Process

Do not submit times slower than the consideration times. We will not offer refunds for any entries where the times submitted are outwith the consideration times. The organisers reserve the right to make cuts to ensure a balanced programme and the smooth running of the meet. Where this rule is invoked, swimmers with the fastest times will take precedence over those in the same category. Events where restrictions are applied will be selected by SASA East District.

All entry times must be set at accredited competitions (or equivalent) since 1 January 2019, and verifiable.
Entries must be submitted using the events files downloadable from this page. Please ensure entries show the full name of the swimmer, full date of birth, registration number and entry time.

Entries must be submitted as long course times only. Short course conversions may be used. Split times (including the men’s 800m freestyle) and times set in first leg swims during relays may be used. A proof of times report must be submitted with the entry file. The proof of times report must be submitted from meets in British Swimming rankings (where the competition is designated or licensed for entry into national competition); or from meets recorded in the FINA rankings; or Swim News rankings; or from an official meet sanctioned by a National Governing body. An exception exists for the women’s 1500m freestyle; those without an accredited time at 1500m, but who meet the consideration time for the 800m event may enter the 1500m. All swimmers must provide an entry time for the 1500m event.

Entries from individuals ONLY can be submitted on the individual entry form available from this website. This is provided for clubs or teams that are sending only one swimmer to the event. Reflecting the additional time needed to process individual entries, the closing date for individual entries is a few days earlier, by 12:00 on 5 February 2020.

Clubs can get instructions on completing entry files from

No refunds will be given after acceptances are published or for entries submitted outwith the consideration times. Fees for rejected entries will be returned to clubs during the event or mailed afterwards.

Closing date for individual entries noon (GMT) Wednesday, 5 February 2020.
Closing date for club/team entries noon (GMT) Monday, 10 February 2020.

Individual entry form Hy-Tek Entry Files Summary Form

Entry Fees

Payment can be made by bank transfer , as follows:

Account name : SASA East District
Bank : Bank of Scotland
Branch : Musselburgh
Account No : 06001834
Sort Code : 80-17-68
IBAN : GB 16 BOFS 80176806001834.
Your reference – please quote : e20/ent/then add club code or team name

Please submit a completed copy of the summary form to when entries are submitted. A copy of this form should be emailed to when electronic bank payments are made.

Individual Events

Coach/Team leader's accreditation and information packs

Athletes and coaches will only be permitted poolside if they can show official accreditation. Coaches with annual Scottish passes may use these for the EISM. Also, coaches from Scottish Districts (East, Midland, North and West) may also use their district pass.

Other coaches and team leaders requiring a poolside pass should complete the attached coach pass form and email it to There is no charge for poolside passes.

It is mandatory that all coaches / team leaders who are poolside comply with the relevant child protection procedures for their governing body.

A coaches and team leaders meeting will take place at the Royal Commonwealth Pool at 18:00 on Thursday 12 March 2020. Coaches and team leaders can collect their packs at the meeting, or prior to this from the coaches’ desk at the Royal Commonwealth Pool from 16:00.

Complimentary coffee, tea and other refreshments will be available throughout the meet in the coaches’ meeting area at the pool.

Coach, poolside staff pass request


Withdrawals made before the draft programme is published will be refunded in full at the meet or posted to clubs afterwards. There are no refunds for withdrawals made after this date, except for medical reasons. Late withdrawals on medical grounds should be discussed with the meet director.

To withdraw a swimmer please contact Provide, the swimmer’s name, the event number and club or team name. Use ‘withdrawal’ and your ‘club name’ in the subject line of your email.

Late withdrawals during the event should be made in person at the poolside recorders desk as soon as possible, or sent to the above email address no later than 18:00 on the day before the event:

Morning events on Friday 13 March, notified by 18:00 on Thursday 12 March. Afternoon events on Friday 13th, notify by 10:00 on Friday 13th

Morning events on Saturday 14 March notified by 18:00 on Friday 13 March. Afternoon events on Saturday 14th, notify by 10:00 on Saturday 14th

Morning events on Sunday 15 March notified by 18:00 on Saturday 14 March. Afternoon events on Sunday 15th, notify by 10:00 on Sunday 15th


A maximum of four reserves will be selected for the heats, in each event. These swimmers will be offered the chance to swim if another accepted swimmer pulls out of the event.

Four reserves will be named for finals in the 100m and 200m events. There will be two reserves for junior finals and two for open finals in the 50m and 400m events. A competitor in the junior final may be named as a reserve for the open finals.

Where a reserve is brought in at short notice, they will occupy a vacant lane. There will be no reseeding.


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