£10,500 total prize pot

Best performance by a swimmer

Top 5 performers, based on FINA IPS system. Standings at meet end

1st = £1,000  Adam Peaty,   929 points

2nd = £900  Daniel Jervis,   900 points

3rd = £750  James Wilby,   890 points

4th = £500 each  Lucy Hope and Imogen Clark,   885 points

Open prizes

£100 to the winner of each open event, £50 to the runner up

£100 to the winner of the skins event, £50 to the runner up and £50 to the round 1 winner

Junior prizes 

£20 to the best junior competitor in each event plus £10 to the runner up

 Relays – for a meet record

£200 for a senior record

£40 for a junior record

 ( fastest team only each event )

British  Championships

Medals to fastest three swimmers in the open final

(whose FINA-recognised sport nationality is GB)

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