Announcements – as at 15 March

Top FINA point scores 

Adam Peaty                        936 points 100m breaststroke

James Wilby                       926 points 200m breaststroke

Daniel Jervis                       912 points 1500m freestyle

Duncan Scott                      905 points 100m freestyle

Kathleen Dawson               894 points  100m backstroke


Winner based on British Para Points

Stephen Clegg


Confirmed Timings 

Faster Heats                               : Warm up 07:30 – 8:35 in 50m pool.  Session start 08:45 each day

Slower Heats Friday – Saturday  : Warm up 11:20  – 12:10.   Session start 12:15 each day

Slower Heats Sunday                 : Warm up 11:10  – 11:55.   Session start  12:00


Finals Friday and Saturday         : Warm up 15:00 – 15:50.   Session start 16:00

Finals Sunday                            : Warm up 14:45 – 15:35.    Session start 15:45

The pool is available on 12 March for training from 14:00.


Coach passes and coach meeting

Athletes and coaches will only be permitted poolside if they can show official accreditation. Coaches with annual Scottish passes may use these for the EISM. Also, coaches from Scottish Districts (East, Midland, North and West) may also use their district pass.

Other coaches and team leaders requiring a poolside pass should complete a coach pass form and email it to There is no charge for poolside passes.

A coaches and team leaders meeting will take place at the Royal Commonwealth Pool at 18:00 on Thursday 12 March 2020. Coaches and team leaders can collect their packs at the meeting, or prior to this from the coaches’ desk at the Royal Commonwealth Pool from 16:00.


The event handbook and meet programme are now available



To withdraw a swimmer please contact Provide, the swimmer’s name, the event number and club or team name. Use ‘withdrawal’ and your ‘club name’ in the subject line of your email.

Late withdrawals during the event should be made in person at the poolside recorders desk as soon as possible, or sent to the above email address no later than 18:00 on the day before the event:

Morning events on Friday 13 March, notified by 18:00 on Thursday 12 March. Afternoon events on Friday 13th, notify by 10:00 on Friday 13th

Morning events on Saturday 14 March notified by 18:00 on Friday 13 March. Afternoon events on Saturday 14th, notify by 10:00 on Saturday 14th

Morning events on Sunday 15 March notified by 18:00 on Saturday 14 March. Afternoon events on Sunday 15th, notify by 10:00 on Sunday 15th





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