Consideration Times

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Please do not submit times slower than the consideration times.

We may make cuts to ensure a balanced programme and the smooth running of the meet. Where this rule is invoked, swimmers with the fastest times will take precedence over those in the same category (open or youth).

Events where restrictions are applied will be selected by the East District swimming committee.

Age as at 31st December 2017.
Women's youth events - 14-17 years, born in 2000-2003
Men's youth events - 15-18 years, born in 1999-2002

Youth swimmers may choose to swim in open events and may swim a mixture of open and youth events. This must be decided at time of entry and clearly indicated on the entry file.
1999 - 2002
15-18 years
Open2000 - 2003
14-17 years
26.7525.2550m Freestyle29.4028.25
57.5055.00100m Freestyle1.03.701.00.40 Freestyle2.18.402.11.40 Freestyle4. Freestyle9.
17.57.0017.13.001500m Freestyle18.56.0018.06.00
31.0029.3550m Backstroke33.5032.00 Backstroke1.12.501.08.50 Backstroke2.
34.0032.0050m Breaststroke37.8535.60 Breaststroke1. Breaststroke2.
29.0027.2050m Butterfly31.0029.80 Butterfly1.11.701.07.40 Butterfly2.43.502.37.00 Individual Medley2.35.902.30.00 Individual Medley5.

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