Car Parking

Teams that have booked accommodation with Edinburgh University (at Richmond Apartments, KM Central, Masson House or Salisbury Green) can park on the campus at Pollock Halls  – it is a very short walk from there to the pool. Teams may also leave cars at Pollock Halls overnight.  Please (by 20 February 2018)  send details of car / minibus registration numbers beforehand to to ensure you are given access to the University campus. If the registration number of the minibus is not known, please provide details of the hire firm being used.

Permits to use the car parks at the pool will be provided by SASA East District only to those with limited mobility, and to team buses / minibuses. Those with permits will be guaranteed space in the car park on each day of the competition, but if you are unlikely to need a space for each day, let us know and someone else will benefit.

To get a permit please email: with details of team/swimmer name, car/bus registration number and dates when access to the car park is required. Please complete this by 14 February 2018.

Those without a permit can drop athletes at the pool and park nearby. We will post further details on parking near the pool in February, so that we provide the most up to date information which takes account of any changes in the Council’s provision.




Edinburgh Waverley Car Park

18 Teviot Pl, Edinburgh EH1 2QZ, UK

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